Bad Girl Reputation by Elle Kennedy Review

Elle Kennedy is definitely bringing a new heat to summer with her new series A Good Girls Complex. I adored the first book, and I was so excited to receive the second book from Hachette. Elle Kennedy is such a fun author to read from and I am instantly transported into her stories giving the perfect break from everyday life.

Bad Girl Reputation follows Genevieve after she returns from her year away. However, she is determined to move away from her bad girl image; no more partying or drinking and the biggest factor to that is her ex-boyfriend Evan. After she left him without any explanation Evan is determined to find out what exactly went wrong between him and Gen. They have a big history that extended past the passion and one year ago they ran wild together. As they set out on a summer of finding themselves, they realise that maybe they’re both after the same thing and that could mean that they finally must accept what might be right for each other is each other. 

This series is perfect if you are wanting to just relax into the story. The progression between the two characters and watching them develop from their messy past together. You can see how they mature within this book and become better people because of one another. 

“I’ve always loved myself best in Evan’s eyes. The adoring way he looks at me: part impressed, a little intimidated. But more so the person he thinks I am. The way he tells it, I’m invincible. Thunder and lightning. Not much scares me, and even less when he’s around.”

Watching the connection between them resume and grow was my favourite part of this book. They definitely have passion between that which is arguably mainly physical, but you can also tell that both of them care for each other more than that physicality. Their story is explosive and seeing them develop through these changes in their lives. 

The only part I was not as keen on was the love triangle within this book. I loved both boys involved and felt extremely bad for the other guy. I understand why it was necessary for the story, but it is not my thing in books, but I loved seeing how this developed how Gen and Evan interacted for the rest of the story and it seems like Harrison got his happy ending as well so it worked out in the end. This mixed in with the miscommunication made me want to throw my book at points despite still loving it. 

“There’s no point in either of us pretending we know how to stay away from each other. It’s chemistry.” 

My favourite part of this book was definitely the setting. The beach and the small town made me feel so warm and cosy. It definitely gave me the summer feels and made me want all the cold weather to disappear so I could go sit on a beach. Or get on a plane somewhere.

It was really fun seeing characters from the first book and see how their relationships have developed throughout. Cooper and Mackenzie showed up a lot and it was nice to see them although Cooper seemed a lot angrier in this one than the first. Of course, my favourite character showed up: Daisy the dog who of course is the true star of the show. 

I really enjoyed this book, and I did give it a four stars! I cannot wait to see who the next part of the series focuses on, and I will definitely be getting it as a summer read!

Thank you to Little Brown Books and Hachette who sent me my copy of this book in exchange for review!

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