Top Ten Books of 2022

I read some amazing books in 2022 which included some new favourites and I am so excited for the 2023 reading year. It was so hard to narrow down to ten picks for my 2022 favourite books and this is definitely not in any order but they are my top ten picks!

10. When You Get the Chance by Emma Lord

This was one of my NetGalley books for this year and I cannot express how much I loved it. There’s a full review on my blog if you want to know my full thoughts on this but I thought this entire plot was amazing. When Millie Price’s dad decides that she’s not allowed to go to a prestigious drama school Millie takes it into her own hands. She attempts to reach out to her mum only there is three different potential women to choose from. I loved everything in this book; from the Broadway references to the dad-daughter relationship it had me smiling the whole way through. Millie was an extremely relatable character and watching her try and navigate through such a difficult point of her life was so interesting to me which is why it had to be in my top ten. 

9. The Righteous by Renée Ahdieh

This is the third instalment in Renée Ahdiehs the Beautiful series. This series follows Celine and Sebastian as Celine is introduced to the world of the vampires. This beautiful atmospheric world is one of my all-time favourite series. I love the characters and the character development throughout and I cannot recommend it more. This however did not make a higher spot because it followed Pippa instead of Celine in the lead roll and I did not find her as interesting as Celine’s side. However, I am so excited for the next book that comes out later in 2023. 

8. Ariadne by Jennifer Saint 

I have been loving Greek Mythology especially since I have booked to go to Athens in May. Jennifer Saint is definitely one of my favourites and this is now one of my favourite books. Ariadne follows the story of the princess of Crete as she grows up in the shadow of her brother the minotaur and as her story develops as Theseus arrives in Crete. The world of Greek myths is so rich and complex I love reading every moment. Ariadne is so complex and interesting to read about her decisions and how her life develops until the end. 

7. Amari and The Night Brothers by B.B. Alston

I have not read much middle grade in years but when my friend gifted me this book I read it immediately and loved every second. Amari follows Amari as she attempts to find her missing brother only to discover a briefcase that leads to a school of magic. This book has everything, mythical creatures, a school of magic and a deadly competition. Some of my favourite tropes all wrapped into one book. Amari is so interesting to follow and see her journey trying to find her brother. The school is insane, and I especially loved reading about each of the different departments. 

6. The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea by Axie Oh 

I have no words for this book. The entire thing was breath-taking. From the mythology to the world building and the descriptions I had no faults with this book. This follows Mina as she attempts to save her village and her brother by sacrificing herself to the Sea God as his bride. However, once there she learns the secret of the fact that the Sea God is in an enchanted sleep. It was whimsical and beautiful, and I could read about the Spirit Realm forever. This book made me feel loved and what more could you ask for from a book. I highly recommend picking up this one up if you have not already. 

5. Only A Monster by Vanessa Len

I received this one as both a Fairyloot book as well as a NetGalley review and my review is up if you wanted to know more of my thoughts, but I loved this book. The fact that this is a debut novel blows my mind. This follows a world where 66monsters and monster hunters actually exist. As they travel back in time Joan and Aaron are forced to work together as they are hunted through time. The romance in this was so interesting and I cannot wait to see how this develops in the next books. I also love time 66travel in books and seeing the characters interact within the time period they have gone back too. Another book I highly recommend picking up if you have not already. 

4. Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid 

I feel like out of all of Taylor Jenkins Reids books this is not at the top of anyone’s list but I loved this book. The Riva family are so complex and interesting to read about and I flew through this book. This follows the Riva siblings; Nina the supermodel, Jay the surfer, Hud the photographer and the baby sister Kit. As the time comes closer to the annual Riva end of summer party all the siblings have secrets and those are about to come to the surface. The sibling love is what made me love this book so much. It was so interesting to see how much they cared about each other yet how much they were hiding. But they were all banded together over one thing: the urge to love someone that is not there. 

3. The Sad Ghost Club by Lize Meddings 

This book series has my heart. I find them so relatable, heart-breaking but also heart-warming. I think it’s unusual to find yourself in a book like you can in this one. The writing is so beautiful, and the characters were so relatable. Sad Ghost Club is a graphic novel about a ghost who is having one of those days. When two people connect over their feelings it shows them form The Sad Ghost Club; a club where Sad Ghosts can come together and just display their feelings. This book makes me want to laugh and cry but makes me feel like I’m not so alone and I will definitely be rereading these many times. 

2. A Song Of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne A. Brown 

As much as I loved all the other books in this list this one blew them out of the water. A Song of Wraiths and Ruin follows Malik and Karina, one who is escaping a war-torn country and the other who has just come into power over a country. When both set out for differing reasons to kill one another they realise not everything is as it seems. This book had everything. A deadly competition, assassinations, enemies to lovers. You name a great trope and this book had it. The characters were complex, and the mental illness representation was so interesting and important to read. I cannot believe this is her debut and I will be picking up everything she writes. 

1.Tomie by Junji Ito

I could not have a top ten list without Junji Ito and here it is. Tomie is my favourite Junji Ito book of all time. I have read quite a lot of his books this year, but I did not want to put more than one on this list. Tomie is beautiful and the artwork as always captured my attention the entire way through. Tomie is a beautiful girl with long black hair and a beauty spot under her eye who seduces any man she comes across. However, these are the men who usually end up murdering her. Junji Ito is one of my favourite authors of all time and I cannot believe someone’s brain comes up with these stories but as long as he writes them I will read them. 

So there is my top ten books of the year to star 2023. I hope you had the best reading year and have an amazing 2023. Let me know what your favourite books of the year was and what you are looking forward to reading this year!

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