Quincredible Vol 1: Quest To Be The Best by Rodney Barnes

I really enjoyed this comic. It took superhero comics back to their core and set up for a really good series. This comic gave me Misfits meets Ms Marvel vibes but with a diverse set of characters which I really enjoyed. Although there were some areas of the world that I though were lacking it was overall a solid start to a comic series that I would continue with.

“Guilty until proven innocent. I’m familiar with that concept.”

Quincredible follows Quinton (Quin) West. He has been bullied all of his life and never expected more from it. This is set in New Orleans just after Katrina. When a meteor shower begins to give citizens of the city superpower Quin realises, he has the power of invincibility. Whilst struggling to accept his new power he begins to realize that being a superhero is not as easy as it appears on TV.

This is a coming of age comic which was really nice to read about. I enjoyed experiencing Quin’s development not only with his powers but with himself. The social commentary within Quin’s town with everything they are experiencing is really interesting to feel and allows you to see the fine line between good and evil and doing what you think is right. His character is relatable to young people everywhere as not only is he a superhero, but he also has to tidy his room like any other 14-year-old boy. The art style gave off the old comic book vibe but with a modern twist which I really enjoyed. The family aspect and dynamic within this first edition was sweet and cute to see develop as the story goes on and it gives you a good insight into why they are as close as they are which you do not get within a lot of comic books.

The one issue I had with this comic was that the main villain felt a little underdeveloped. We did not see much of him apart from in the last quarter of the book and it did not explain the reasons he was doing what he did. The ending overall just seemed slightly rushed in comparison to the rest of the comic. This could be explained in a later comic but that is why my rating is slightly lower for this one.

Overall, I thought this was a strong start to the series although I am hoping for a little bit more of a backstory in the next few editions. From what I understand this is part of an expansive universe which I would like to look into. I would recommend this to fans of Miles Morales and Ms Marvel as it really gave me them feelings throughout. This ended up being 3.5 stars and I can not wait to see what happens next.

Thank you to Lion Forge and NetGalley for this review copy! All opinions in this are my own!

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