Weekly Reading Blog

Friday 1st January

Today started off a bit slow on reading. I woke up not feeling too good, so I spent most of the day watching The Greatest Showman and Muppets Christmas Carol (the best Christmas film) on the sofa, but I did mange to get some reading in. I have to finish Nick by Michael Farris Smith by the fifth of January for a Net Galley review, so I decide to try and make a start on that. I read around sixty-eight pages and so far, I am really enjoying this book. I love The Great Gatsby, and this is a retelling about Nick before he came to meet Gatsby. It shows him in the war and how he did fall in love once but it also helps you realize why Nick is the way he is. Smith does a really good job of recreating Fitzgerald’s writing style and enrapturing Nick’s mindset. It will be interesting to see where this book goes but hopefully, I will get a little more read tomorrow as I have nothing planned for the daytime.

Saturday 2nd January

On Saturday it ended up snowing where I live so I went out to take some bookstagram photos in the snow which turned out really cute! I then spent most of the day writing blog posts and trying to keep up with all the ones that I had to do. After this I decided I needed to get some of Nick read so I could finish it by Tuesday, so I ended up running a bath made myself a coffee and got my Hello Pandas to try and get a good chunk of the book read. I managed to get up to page 107 which was some really good progress for the day!

Sunday 3rd January

I managed to read quite a lot of Nick today throughout the day but I also watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows p1 with my family to split the day up a bit. On Saturday I go back to my term address so I took quite a lot of my bookstagram photos so that I have some prepared before I go back to my house. I did manage to get to about 100 pages of Nick and I honestly think this is one of the best retellings I have ever read. I can’t believe how brilliant his writing style is and how it compares to that of Fitzgerald. Sometimes I forget I’m not reading his work its that close.

Monday 4th January

Today I finished Nick by Michael Farris Smith just in time to write my view for tomorrow. I ended up giving it four stars because it was an amazing book yet for some reason I could not bring myself to give it five stars, but I still loved the experience of reading it all the same. When this goes up hopefully my review will be up so you can see more of my thoughts on it and you’ll be able to find that here: https://aworldofwordsandcoffee.com/2021/01/05/new-year-new-blog-day-five-nick-by-michael-farris-smith-review/. I read about 150 pages of Nick today in order to finish it, so I did not manage to pick anything else up. Hopefully I can start a new book tomorrow. I do want to eventually start reading a few books at once again because I find when I have got a choice, I end up reading more.

Tuesday 5th January

I could not decide on what to start so I ended up picking Death Bringer by Derek Landy which is part of my Skulduggery Pleasant readathon that I have been doing since the beginning of December. I am loving rereading these books and I cannot wait to share all my thoughts with you when I’ve finished! I read to page 98 of Death Bringer and so far, I am loving it! This is book six in the series and it has been getting a lot darker in the most recent books. So far, this one has a lot of focus on the necromancers which makes a lot of sense as it is called Death Bringer. Hopefully I love this one as much as I have loved the others in the series.

Wednesday 6th January

I ended up not doing any reading today. I have an assignment due in Monday that needed finishing and I also go back to my term address Saturday to start working again so my mum and I have been trying to finish Game of Thrones before I go back. We are on the last series and three episodes in I am so far enjoying it which I know is not a popular opinion with this last season. Let me know in the comments if you want to know more about what I have been watching recently in a blog post because I love TV shows and movies and would love to discuss it more!

Thursday 7th January

Today was another bad reading day for me with my assignment and having to pack before going home. I did manage to read one of the short stories in Armageddon Outta Here by Derek Landy which I really enjoyed. I find the short stories just as enjoyable as the full-size novels which is rare because I often don’t enjoy short stories that much. Derek Landy’s writing is extremely witty but dark at the same time. I really enjoy that within books with the comparison between humour and wickedness.

This week was not the best in terms of reading due to my assignment being due however I did end up reading one book and starting another. I finished Nick which I gave four out of five stars and I started Death Bringer by Derek Landy. This meant I read four hundred and forty-eight pages this week which I am really happy with considering how busy I have been. Next week I really want to finish Death Bringer and then start a few books on my January TBR. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and please follow down below!

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